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PP Chemical Storage Cabinet
Category Description

Polypropylene is the material of choice for acid and corrosive cabinet chemical storage for laboratory environments. You will enjoy years of clean, safe storage of your hazardous acid or corrosive chemicals and materials without the rusting due to metal construction or the delaminating of wood core products. To keep chemical storage cabinet in good condition, store chemical in compatible containers to avoid leakage or damage occur.

There is some safety to take note when using chemical storage cabinet. Make sure all the containers’ caps are replaced tightly, and the surface of container is clean from chemicals. Identify all the content in the package and label it correctly before storing in the chemical storage cabinet. Never keep the chemical based on alphabetical classification as this may cause dangerous chemical reactions.  Any procedure like openning of packages, transferring of contents, dispensing of chemicals or sampling shall not be complete within or on top of a cabinet. Check the cabinet regularly, immediately clean it if found any spills or leakage. Eliminate all aging chemical as it could become unstable.

PP chemical storage cabinet available in KL Lab is all polypropylene construction. The cabinet is design with and without exhaust port, with the exhaust venting at top or side option. The spill containment is located at the base area. The shelves are adjustable or fixed position with vertical lip for safety. Place the cabinet in a cool and dry location to stay out of direct sunlight and heat or ignition. Temperature may increase the evaporation emission.

Product Features

  • All polypropylene construction
  • Particle free cleanroom storage
  • Designs with and without exhaust ports
  • Acid and corrosive chemical storage
  • Spill containment to base area
  • Exhaust venting - top or side options
  • Adjustable or fixed position shelves
  • Shelves have vertical lip for safety




Polypropylene Acid Storage Cabinets (White)

Size : 900mm (W) x 450mm (D) x 1,800mm (H)

- 2 Door Manual Closing

- Capacity : 45 Gallons

- No. Of Shelves : 4


Polypropylene Acid Storage Cabinets (White)

Size : 900mm (W) x 450mm (D) x 1,800mm (H)

- 4 Door Manual Closing

- Capacity : 45 Gallons

- No. Of Shelves : 3

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