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KL Lab Supplies Sdn Bhd is a manufacturer of PP Chemical Resistant Pipes, Chemical Resistant Fans, PP chemical resistant plumbing systems, laboratory service fittings, Fumecupboards, PPR piping systems, Emergency Showers and Emergency Eyewash.

Founded by Mr Tan Teck Ann in 2005, KL Lab aims to be the one stop center for laboratory engineering supplies.

Chemical Resistant Fans From KL LAB

KL LAB is a trustworthy supplier of chemical resistant fans that was founded back in 2005. The fans are designed for efficient and reliable fume extraction, and they are made from durable and corrosion-resistant material that makes them suitable for outdoor use, as this material offers enhanced protection against long-term exposure to UV rays.

The motor of these chemically resistant fans works at speeds between 1400 and 2800 rotations per minute. Also, users are advised to insert a drain hose in the fan to remove rain water, if water happens to reach the fan - this measure is essential to prevent the rain water from interfering with the mechanism of action of this KL LAB fan.

LAB-K is a centrifugal fan that is designed exclusively for duct mounting. It is extremely useful for environments where workers deal with contaminated air, dust, fumes or toxic gases, as the fan is designed to withstand chemicals and it has a very low noise level, unlike other similar fans that can be extremely bothersome when turned on. Moreover, the LAB-K corrosion resistant fan also comes with an embedded extraction system that is part of the fume management system and it prolongs the life of the fan.

Fumes are known to contain chemicals that can affect the metal parts of certain devices, this is why fans made from corrosion-resistant materials are a great choice because they can operate indefinitely, even in conditions where the air is heavily loaded with toxic fumes (such as certain types of laboratories). Corrosion resistant materials are also widely used in the manufacturing of fume control systems. The LAB-K centrifugal fans ensure a constant and uninterrupted air flow, low noise level and optimal pressure in the working environment.

Those who want to add extra functionality to the fan can do that by purchasing one of the numerous fan accessories provided by KL LAB: the motor cowl, the PP impeller, the special fan casing or the fan brackets are only four of the accessories that will boost the performance of your corrosion-resistant centrifugal fan.

The fans are made from high-density, heavy duty materials that are hard enough to deliver the necessary resistance to chemicals and abrasions. This way, there are no metal parts that come in direct contact with the fumes, thus prolonging the life span of the LAB K fume extraction fans. The fans have variable speeds, which can be easily adjusted to ensure the best airflow output.