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Essential Laboratory Service Fittings

Laboratory service fittings are a fundamental part of any laboratory system. Although these components are not particularly complicated, it is important to understand the application is essential to avoid system problems. These fittings are used where tubing or piping need to be attached, adapted, or adjusted. The major functions of the fittings include preventing a liquid or gas from leaking out and holding tubing in when opposing pressure.

As a laboratory owner or assistant, you might be looking for professional and reasonable laboratory service fitting. The laboratory supplies is a competitive market, which you can find a number of companies manufacturing and supplying wide range of laboratory service fittings. The three main laboratory service fitting are water taps, gas valves, and water mixer.

Consideration for Laboratory Service Fittings
In the market, there are wide ranges of valves available, regardless the style, colours, shapes, sizes and types. There are also valves designed for chemical and pharmaceutical with certain specification to match your industry's needs and requirements. A good laboratory valves should be easy to operate, easy to install or assemble, and fulfill international lab standards.

There are also large varieties of lab water taps available. According to you requirement, you can choose number of outlet, fixed or swivel outlet, and handle style. Make sure your lab water mixer is made of high quality materials, and fulfill international industrial standards. The quality and condition of your laboratory service fittings determine the standard you follow. The maintenance is important to make sure all the fittings in good condition and works well. These laboratory service fittings can be found at online and onsite stores.

As a leading mmanufacturer and supplier of furniture and fittings specifically made for laboratories, the material used is very important. The material commonly used for laboratory service fittings found in the market is stainless steel, PEEK, Tefzel (ETFE), polypropylene and polychlorotrifluoroethene. PEEK and stainless steel are recommended for high-pressure applications, while ETFE and polypropylene are used most commonly in low-pressure applications especially laboratory. Polymer fittings can be used with many types of tubing and environments, regards different chemicals and pressures. Unlike stainless steel fitting, it can be changed within the system more frequently. Therefore, stainless steel fittings are a good option if the tubing is connected to a receiving port which rarely taken out. When you are selecting fittings for laboratory, always consider about chemical environment for longer life span.

Although there is no standard number for which considered as high pressure or low pressure, the pressure expected in the system is very important when selecting a fitting. Consider choosing a flat-bottom design if the system is expected to have low pressure system. High pressure systems are perfectly matched with coned-shaped ports. For super high pressure applications, it is preferable to use metal nuts. For low, moderate, and standard high-pressure application, the best option to match the application would b polymer.