PP Chemical Resistant Pipes • Chemical Resistance Polypropylene Pipe

Welcome to KL Lab Supplies Sdn Bhd
KL Lab Supplies Sdn Bhd is a manufacturer of laboratory service fittings, PP chemical resistant plumbing systems, PP Chemical Resistant Pipes, Chemical Resistant Fans, Fumecupboards, PPR piping systems, Emergency Showers and Emergency Eyewash.

Founded by Mr Tan Teck Ann in 2005, KL Lab aims to be the one stop center for laboratory engineering supplies.

PP Chemical Resistant Pipes

The well known KL Lab company in Malaysia has been delivering high-quality chemical resistant polypropylene pipes exclusively for laboratories for the past 8 years, starting with the moment it was founded. KL Lab is committed to delivering a wide range of high-quality products aimed at laboratories, from emergency showers and chemical resistant fans to chemical resistant pipes and top-notch plumbing systems.The company always puts emphasis on high quality, as these products are not intended for common use but for laboratory use, therefore they need to meet the latest standards and requirements.

In addition to exporting these high-quality products in Malaysia, KL Labs also exports them internationally to various other countries across Asia, such as India or the United Arab Emirates. The PP chemical resistant pipes are also widely used in hospitals, universities and a large number of schools across the territory of Malaysia. The company has all the certifications and approvals it needs, and quality assurance along with ensuring an affordable and competitive price are two of the company's main priorities.

The impeccable quality of the products along with the affordable pricing and the friendly sales staff are the three aspects that recommend KL Lab as one of the most renowned manufacturer of emergency showers and eyewash, chemical resistant plumbing systems and a wealth of service fittings that match any budget. Those who want to purchase top-notch KL Lab products yet do not know which ones to choose can benefit from assistance, advice and service from the knowledgeable sales team who is always ready to offer you their expertise in the field. Moreover, customers can also benefit from high-quality service after making the purchase.

What Does KL Lab Has To Offer?

As mentioned above, the company specializes in many products designed for laboratories, schools, hospitals and other clean environments. For example, the laboratory service fittings are very sought-after these days, as they are cost-effective and made from top-notch, all-bras bodies coated with epoxy powder. This powder adds extra durability to the fittings, making them even more resistant to corrosion due to impact or chemicals. The laboratory service fittings are especially designed for modern laboratories that put emphasis on fast, efficient, easy and flexible operation, as these fittings help them increase their performance while minimizing the costs.

The emergency showers and eyewash products are very sought-after as well. Like the name suggests, these products are designed to quickly remove dangerous chemicals, if the laboratory employees happen to get in direct contact with them. Accidents happen all the time, and the emergency shower is designed to limit the effects of hazardous substances by providing fast decontamination.